At the end ot the sixties Menck started to construct steam driven offshore-hammers.   The first was called “MRBS 1500”. In 1976 Menck, was able to show the biggest steam-hammer so far , the MRBS 12500, in action. When the company Menck&Hambrock stopped to exist in 1978, the new company Menck Gmbh started to sell the old piling plants and hammers first. But soon there were special offshore-hammers to offer. The so called  MHU´s (Menck Hydraulik Hammer Underwater), were used for the installation of deep water platforms upon pile founded jackets. These hammers got very successful.  The possible water  depth got deeper and deeper (1988 MHU 1000 540 m depth, 1989 MHU 400 T 1000 m depth), and today there are depths of 2000 m or more possible.                                                       

In 2007 new brochures were published. Here a selection:

The brochure to provide you with the general overlook

The brochures to show  the different types of  underwater power packs (MUP) and  hammers for on- and offshore use.

The Magnolia TLP in the Gulf of Mexico. Menck operation started on the March 3rd, 2004 and ended seven days later. The 8 piles were driven during this time. The water depth was 4660 ft. That meant a new world record. The deepest TLP installation so far.

The first installation in the Asian Pacific region in December 2002. Water depth 3360 ft.

TLP=tension leg platform

This TLP built in 2003 in the Kizomba Field, offshore Angola. Water depth 3870 ft.

The wind park off the island of Samso in Denmark consists of 10 windmills with rotors of 82.4 meters diameter and a height of 56 meters above water level. Water depth 7 meters. Built in 2002

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