Date: 04.04.2010



    Welcome to the Homepage of the Menck&Hambrock Archives   

      The intentions of the archives are:

to preserve the name and the good reputation of Menck&Hambrock, to collect and  preserve documents  ( photos, brochures etc.) about Menck and its history, to catalogue the still excisting machines (take photos and equipment numbers)   

What can you expect on this homepage?

All ever build machines will be shown and described, i.e there will be the brochure and the technical data and photos (galerie )

All documents are from the Menck&Hambrock Archiv, or from former Menck users, or Menck employees.




!!! Attention, attention !!!

The archives is always looking for documents of all kind from and about Menck&Hambrock machines: old photos of machines in use, or still exsiting ones and names of companies and locations of machines, brochures etc.     




Requests, proposals, new ideas, please to one of the following addresses:

e-mail:   archiv (at)  or  to

Menck&Hambrock Archiv Stefan Bongartz Drosselstrasse 14 B  D-85416 Langenbach

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